During the month of November, I participated in an event called Hacktoberfest put on by Digital Ocean and GitHub. The goal for this event was to submit 4 pull requests during the month to win a free t-shirt. I thought it was a nice motivator the past month to contribute more to different projects.

I am happy to say I got all 4 before the month was out! They all involved Rails issues of varying difficulty. A couple were simply adding some additional text or tags to html, the other two involved contributions to my friend’s cocktail recipe app that I’ve mentioned in the past.

The main point of the event to me was to have a goal and something fun to work towards while pushing to work on some contributions I had been meaning to get out. I think this also gave me the sense of accomplishment that comes from focusing on specific tasks and seeing them to fruition.

I definitely am carrying this motivation with me going into November, I’m going to continue contributing to giggle water as well as my own recipe app that I’ve somewhat set to the side for the last few months. I will make a post soon with work I’ve done on that recently.

Looking forward to getting more done this week, and hopefully attending some meetups. I’d love to set up a pairing for go to a hacknight and really get some things done with my app.

Written on November 2, 2015