This week I worked a bit more on Giggle Water (my friend’s cocktail recipe app). I was able to finally make some progress with getting a flash notice to work with AJAX. I wound up using the very helpful unobtrusive_flash gem. With this, it was basically a matter of calling UnobtrusiveFlash.showFlashMessage('<%= message %>', {type: 'success'}); within my js.erb file and the message appeared! This was the perfect solution and did exactly what I needed. This was a task I was holding on for a while, got frustrated with lack of progress, and slowed down. I am glad I got it done and I regained a lot of the motivation to keep contributing.

I kept going by adding collapsible accordion panels to a recipe listing in the same application. This was a matter of reviewing the documentation on the Bootstrap site. I utilized the example given and placed it within an html.erb file for the view I was working on. The interesting part was iterating through a collection of missing ingredient and recipes and making sure the same Bootstrap logic works on each turn. When I started it was only impacting the first panel which was to be expected. This is is there the beauty of erb comes in. The class name was originally class="collapseOne" which was causing the problem. I wound up changing that to class="collapse<%= missing_count %>" where missing_count was the number of missing ingredients needed to make a recipe. Sure enough each panel opened and closed as expected.

This leads me to Hacktoberfest which is an event a friend told me about just today. If you sign up and submit 4 pull requests in the month of October you earn a cool t-shirt. I think it is a great promotion and really had me thinking about how I should contribute more to open source projects. Apart from being a great way to learn, it is just really nice to be able to add something to a project and help others where it is needed. I am going through some possible repos to work on at the moment, though I will definitely keep adding to Giggle Water. During the month I will post updates about the various pull requests I’m making, my goal this month is to earn a new shirt!

Written on September 30, 2015