Well, I decided to dive into making a rails app. No, it isn’t the recipe app advertised on the landing page, but rather a to-do app. For me this serves a couple of purposes. It is a straight forward app idea with more basic functionality. I wanted to make it as a proof of concept for my rails knowledge at this point. I have the basic structure of laid out and info moves around where I want.

I’m going to learn more javascript to make the app do some nicer things when you click done or enter a task. At this point, I feel like I can at least create a simple recipe making form that will format and store your recipes. This will probably something to do in the coming weeks, but goal is to at least have a good deal of the functionality out there, regardless of how simplistic it looks. The point is to get it going and see what else needs to be improved.

I’ve learned a lot from the to-do app just by trying to make what I had in mind even if it wasn’t coming out the way I intended. Figuring it out and researching documentation is part of the fun of it for me.

Written on August 5, 2014