Update On Some Things I've Been Doing.

It has been a fairly distracting few weeks since the trip to Argentina. I wanted to give an update to share some of the things I’ve been working on.


After going from Caret to Atom and various ways of editing files, I finally decided to give in and use Vim. I think the perceived learning curve is what held me back. I must admit, I’m not a power user yet, but I do feel that is very fast and an effective way to work on code. It has become my preferred method now and I feel more connected with what I’m working on in this way. I haven’t had to work on a full on project in Rails to see how I can deal with navigating multiple directories. In either case I like the flow of it and am convinced I will be sticking with this going forward.

Matasano Crypto Challenges

Though I have only gotten through the first four challenges in the first set, I have been able to find various lines of code to refactor. I love working on these and have had fun figuring them out in Ruby. I feel like I have learned a lot about programming so far. This also just helps me further understand cryptography and real life ways in which information can be manipulated and picked though.

One thing to add is I’m writing RSpec tests to check for the desired replies in the challenges. It isn’t extremely important but I figured this would be a good way to learn more about how to write these tests.


I played around with Shoes for a bit and created a small graphical app. It was really fun to see how you can create the gui in familiar Ruby syntax. The true payoff was seeing the app in action on my computer. I will have to create more complex examples in this.


These exercises have been fun! I love being able to fetch a new task, submit and get some peer code review. I have gotten some good feedback and also some confidence boosters from doing this so this will be an ongoing thing. I simply love challenges and making something work in Ruby. It helps to get feedback from fellow rubyists on how I can make the code more expressive and efficient.


I came across a roadblock when creating a recipe controller. To get recipe input formatted the way I want it will take a bit more time. I have also decided to go back to Hartl’s Rails tutorial. While I feel pretty competent in the basics of getting up and running and deployed, I feel that taking it step by step might be a good thing in terms to make sure I have a process down and hitting all the points I need to when building an app.


Taking the plunge and putting together some examples and improving some skills to finally take this step. I feel that I’m at a place where I can see how this is a possibility. The next month will be dedicated to getting this and moving on. Hopefully this will all work out so wish me luck!

Written on December 4, 2014