More Ruby

Just thought I’d include another update. I’m letting my curiosity drive me in this learning process, so I’ve been primarily working with Ruby stuff rather than to work on the app or rails stuff itself.

Just writing ruby code and moving data around is fascinating to me. I have been doing various challenges and trying to figure out how the language can just be used to simply solve a problem.

I think in my spare time, I’m going to challenge myself to make simple sites that house a straight forward app. It could be something fun like a secret sharing where people can contribute or vote. A random recipe generator that just pulls a recipe from the internet. It could also be something straight forward like a to-do list. my goal with this is just to make something without the use of a tutorial per se and just working with the code.

If I continue to do ruby and not necessarily the full on recipe app, I know I could at least make a small simple app every few days or every week, so this is my new goal for the time being.

Written on July 28, 2014