Matasano Crypto Challenges

One of the most interesting (and definitely challenging) methods I have used to learn Ruby has been to work through Matasano’s set of cryptography challenges ( To me it is a practical way at looking how bits of information get pushed around and manipulated. I have done various programming type challenges such as Project Euler, and CodeWars but this seems to be the most applicable to real situations, maybe because it quite literally is. I have so far done the first 4 challenges of the 1st set.

What I really enjoyed so far was creating a way to rank letter frequency in a string output. The idea is to find the string that is most representative of English. This is accomplished by iterating through each character in a string and making sure they match the regex. Each time a character matches, this means one more point for the string. This is from Set 1: Challenge 3:

def self.letter_freq(string)
    count = {}
    common = /[etaoins]/

    string.each_char do |ltr|
      if ltr.match common
        count[ltr] = 0 unless count.include?(ltr)
        count[ltr] += 1
        count[ltr] = 0

I share this bit because it was most fun for me to write. I just liked the flow of how it is searching through each character to make sure it falls within the regex I set. I don’t think it is the most complex code but I think it is a really good representation of how Ruby flows in an elegant way to ge to the information you need. I’ll update with more tidbits of fun or interesting ideas I come across as I continue to work through these.

Written on December 11, 2014