Jotting Down Ideas

I’m making note of some other app ideas as a go along. I wanted to write some down so I don’t lose track of them.

  • Parlour Games:

This would be more or less a collection of games that users can sign in and play with friends over a period of time. Games such as Consequences or 20 Questions would fall into this category. This would be very casual, people just sign in and check to see if they have notifications for their turn to play.

  • Collaborative To-Do/Things I want to do

A user would add items to a group to do list. This would be a good idea for groups of friends to get together and help each other get things done. The list could also be used for jotting down things that people want to do/see/eat/experience

  • My Library

Users can post their current book/music/movie/videogame library for friends to see along with blurbs of what they think, with a possible rating system. Friends can request friends let them borrow the item. This would allow you to explore things you didn’t know friends were into.

  • Shopping List

There are various list making apps out there, this would be more as a concept to be able to integrate things from my recipe app (whenever that is done). I could play around with local prices and this could potentially be an android app at some later point.

  • Slang Words

Similar to urban dictionary but you connect with friends, share your favorite slang/cuss words or idioms. Ratings or comments can come from this. This could somehow be set up in a way to encourage creation of new sayings or connotations for words.

  • Must Play

This would be a place for friends to suggest or meet up to play various videogames/mmos/online games. More or less of a what are you playing, but also a place for people to suggest classic games that might have been overlooked in the past. along those lines:

  • Earthbound Tribute

Not sure what kind of functionality this would have but I am a big fan of this game and always tell people about it. It’s not exactly obscure but it holds a special place in my heart. Maybe a quote generator with a picture of the character/enemy above it. This can go various places and would be a fun side project.

  • My Culture

Share traditions, share stories. We all have friends from different background, what about a format for people to share unique experiences and opinions based on their cultural heritage? There could be themes to explore, questions to answer, or full on discussions based on randomly generated questions posed to groups of friends. This would need some more specific usage but some sort of cultural exchange would be great.

  • Chiles of the world

One of my issues when cooking is knowing exactly the qualities and characteristics of various types of chiles. In Mexico alone there are dozens and dozens of varieties from fresh to dry to roasted to smoked, or all of the above. I know some of these but I definitely have found myself at a complete loss with some, or feeling disappointed that I didn’t know more. This could somehow be tied in to other ingredients. This might become a pet project of me discovering more in depth information regarding Mexican cuisine.

These are just some random ideas, not sure if there would be a huge user base but these would be more just fun ideas to play around with.

Written on August 7, 2014