So I’ve been playing a lot of Ingress the past couple of days, I really cannot believe I haven’t played it before. The idea is you join one of two factions: Enlightened or Resistance. Throughout the world there are either green or blue portals that correspond to each side. The goal is to neutralize those portals and capture them for your side. The catch is the only way to do this is to physically be at the portal’s corresponding location in a real life map. As you could imagine in Chicago there are a lot of portals and a lot of activity related to the game.

I’m having a blast exploring around the city and trying to hack/capture different portals. This morning I was able to capture a couple of locations as well as set up a field. I think the interesting thing is you can submit portal ideas so there have been all sorts of interesting placemarkers that are a portal. It has been a fun way to explore lesser known parts of my neighborhood, or to spot random landmarks you didn’t know were there (for example, I had no idea there was a pineapple statue by my house!).

The community is great too, I have joined the Chicago Resistance community on google+ and have already coordinated with some people to attack certain locales. They were willing to help me level up and get to a point where I can cause more damage to portals. This type of collaboration with people who would otherwise be strangers is a fantastic aspect of this game.

The game element motivates me to keep walking and checking out more things. It has been very nice to wander around and just be outside more than I normally would be. I’ve taken Porter with me to go farming or raid portals, which makes him very happy since we just keep walking and walking.

If anyone wants to play let me know! I’m recruiting Resistance members! my handle in Ingress is mostlybadfly.

Written on October 3, 2014