Busy Week

Things are really going fast this past month. I have various things to plan for and prepare. Most importantly, I’m getting married! Drew and I are going to do it this Friday and I couldn’t be more excited. I have spent the last 6 years with this wonderful person and we couldn’t find any better way to mark the occasion of our anniversary than to get married now that is is legal. It is a weird thing, I don’t think anything will be immediately different or noticeable, but it is something that is important to me. It is a way to signal I guess that we plan to work as a team, that we know we want to grow old together and go forward in this world as a singular unit.

I’m very excited to have friends help us celebrate at our favorite bar in the city, Hopleaf. This bar has been our ‘Cheers’ during our time living on the North Side. We go almost every week, the staff love us and we have amazing bartenders that we always look forward to seeing. We couldn’t think of any better place to hold a party for friends and family. It’ll be fun to see various aspects of our lives come together to meet, drink and share conversation. I even get to see some friends that will be coming in from out of town that I haven’t seen in years. The best part is, we just rent a room and have drinks, no other wedding planning or ridiculous events having to do with the occasion, just show up, and enjoy some drinks :).

The busy part for me centers on our apartment and getting it ready for guests to visit. I will be rushing to get our mess in reasonable order, cleaning mostly, but at some point I hope to bake some pies for us all to enjoy. If I have time I will be squeezing in some last minute exercise to get my mind and body right in these last few days. Not nearly enough time to see any significant change, but at least I will feel a little bit more energized and with a clear head.

All coding and side projects will have to be temporarily on hold. I had to cancel some meetups this week that I really wanted to attend, but it is just not going to fit into the schedule. I hope to get back to it for a week or so until our trip to Argentina at the end of the month!

Written on October 6, 2014