Buenos Aires Pics

Buenos Aires was enormous. It seems to be similar in population to Chicago and covers a very large area. I didn’t get as many photos as I would’ve liked, though the architecture was beautiful. This is the Obelisco, at the heart of the city and a common meeting point.

This is the Church de Santo Domingo. I love church architecture, this one happened to have a monument in front with the flag of Argentina.

There was an abundance of street art in Argentina. It seems this is what stood out to me the most. Almost everywhere you turned you could see something on a wall. The majority of these are from the San Telmo and Palermo neighborhoods where there is a lot of street art ot be found.

The experience in the city was very exciting. I loved just being able to walk around amongst the other people in the streets. It is hard to describe this feeling, but I just felt this energy, like this was somewhere I can live. I definitely want to go back and spend an even longer time in Buenos Aires.

Written on November 6, 2014