3.times{puts 'ruby!'}

I have been having a great time learning more and more Ruby. It is such a beautiful language. While human and computer languages don’t always correlate, I feel that my background in linguistics has really helped me understand how Ruby works.

I’ve been diving into Codeschool and Rubymonk at this point. Some of the more complex exercises, I find myself looking at hints or the solution and trying to understand it. I’m not sure if this is indicative of having to go back and look or simply absorbing the responses and really thinking about what it is doing. Whenever I see a hint of what a good solution my be, it is like magic, I fail to be amazed at what the language is doing.

While I look at straight Ruby during work and lunch breaks, I have been following Hartl’s Rails tutorial building a sample app. I’m really trying to build these foundations before even doing a simple recipe model. Some of the complexities I am envisioning will be better implemented with this added knowledge and practice.

I have put out an inquiry or two to ask about what it would take to become an apprentice or maybe even some sort of junior position. There are so many great tech companies in Chicago, I’d like to work for. My only motivation at this point is to get to work with code and web development, making something that makes people’s lives easier or makes technology just work better.

I get a little impatient given where I am right now, very much looking for a change at this point. Hopefully soon something will click, though i’m willing to wait months of more studying and practicing for this to happen.

Written on June 19, 2014